LtrottedJ 3 Port USB Hub Mini USB 2.0 High Speed Hub Splitter For PC Notebook Laptop

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Manufacturer Description

3 Port USB Hub Mini USB 2.0 High Speed Hub Splitter For PC Notebook Laptop Mac
100% brand new and high quality
Split your 1 USB port into 3, can be extended to multiple to work independently
With mini size, the feature of portable can let them be carried to anywhere you want
Data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps
Support Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ ME/ 98/ 8/ 10, Mac OS 8.6-9.2/ OSX-10.6
Three downstream ports support high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps), and low-speed (1.5Mbps)
Designed for data transfer, not for charging, don't have enough power to charge 3 devices at the same time
Product Specification: Type USB 2.0 HUB
Package Includes?
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Product Features

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