ATS 20000W Peak 5000W LF Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter DC 24V to AC 110V, with 80A BC/UPS / LCD Display

Price: $499.99
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Manufacturer Description

*Specification :
DC Input Voltage: 24V
AC Output Voltage: 110V±5%
Regulation: ±5%
Frequency: 60HZ±3%
Efficiency: 90%
Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Temperature Protection: 70C
Input Low Voltage Alarm: 21V
Input Low Voltage shutdown: 20V
Input High Voltage Alarm: 28V
Input High Voltage shutdown: >29V
No load current draw when power save on: 0.36-0.46A
No load current draw when power save off: 1.8-2.3A
Certificate: CE
*Warranty: 1 year (Winthin one month since the customer receive this, if the inverter has problem, just contact me on the details, we can send the parts with free charge only one time. If over one month to one year, the shipping cost for the parts will be paid by the customer, but the parts is free.)
*Note: As this unit could have parts loosing caused during transportation, so please DO check item carefully before testing. If the inverter is damaged by the courier seriously please report this to the courier right away.
*If you only connect battery with load, ac cable unconnected, when you switch to battery charger mode, this means power save mode on, in this moment the condition as follows: The inverter will go to sleeping mode, no load current is 0 AMP, every 3 sec., the inverter will detection itself, after the 3 sec., amp will go to 3 amp (stand by power, time: 1 sec., then back to sleep mode, amp is 0), the inverter will repeat the situation, until you switch to power save off (inverter on, down side)
*If customer needs to use refrigerator, can switch the mode to power save on, as refrigerator only will work every half an hour or one hour , but inverter stay in power save function, no load current is 0 amp, will save power.
*Warning: Inverter must be switched OFF before connecting/disconnecting batteries or AC input/outputs. Failure to do so may result in inverter damage.

Product Features

ATS Function: a. when switch to ATS function, then: for 24v system, your bty voltage when 21.5v, will auto switch to ATS mode, means inverter will auto switch the home power to provide the 110v AC output & charge your bty at the same time. After charge your bty to 28v,will be back to inverter mode.(PS.AC input cable need plug in all the time) ATS Function: b.if you are using solar system, then you need stay at ATS function , because in the day time, all the power come from solar, after night time or bty under 21.5V, will auto switch to home power, will let your electric products keep working, until day the sun come on again, then will be back to inverter mode again. UPS function: If you switch to UPS function, when you plug ac power cord, then the power will come from your home power source, no matter load or charge your bty. In this moment, will not spend your bty bank power. Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity ! Simply connect our with a 24v bty. For example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use 110v electrical appliances. Location: USA.